Winter Quarter ORCA Passes for sale on campus


Winter ORCA passes for sale on campus starting from December 14th

Beginning on Wednesday December 14th, the ORCA passes with 50% subsidy from the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee (SCOF) will be available on sale at the cashier on campus. Full cost of the card is $261.96 per card for winter quarter. With the subsidy from the SCOF, ORCA passes sold on campus will cost students at $135.98 per card for winter quarter.

These passes are effective from January 9 to April 1 2012.

SCC ORCA Card Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What services is my pass valid on? How much does it cover?

With a Shoreline Community College ORCA pass for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, you can ride a number of services in the area without having to pay fare. Think of it as an all access pass for public transportation in the Greater Seattle area. These include:

  • Bus services on all Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit services.
  • Regular service on Sound Transit Link light rail. o Regular service on Sound Transit Sounder commuter rail (including Rail Plus partnership with Amtrak Cascades).
  •  Regular service on Seattle Lake Union Streetcar.
  •  Regular service on King County Water Taxi. (Vashon and West Seattle routes) o Regular service on Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry. (Port Orchard and Annapolis routes).
  •  Access Transportation service on Kitsap Transit and Metro Transit (eligible riders only).

2. How much does it cost? When is it valid?

The cost and dates valid vary by quarter. Each quarter you must purchase a new ORCA pass from the cashier’s office. The passes are active starting on the Start Date and expire on the End Date. After a card has expired, you can simply throw it away. Consult the table below for total costs and start and end dates.


Fall 2011

Winter 2012

Spring 2012

Start Date

September 21st, 2011

January 9th, 2012

April 2nd, 2012

End Date

January 8th, 2012

April 1st, 2012

June 24th, 2012

Cost (including card)




3. How do I get one?

ORCA passes will be available from the campus cashiers (in the main level of the FOSS building across from registration) starting September 19th. Simply bring your Student ID card, signed ORCA Cardholder Rules of Use (available on the SBA website or at the cashier’s), and payment.  You cannot make multiple payments towards the quarterly bus pass, and must pay for it all at once.

4. Who is eligible for the bus passes?

ORCA passes are available on a First-Come-First-Served basis and there are a limited number of cards available. If the stock runs out, please make an inquiry to the Student Leadership Center on the third floor of the PUB, where information will be available about the possibility of obtaining more cards.

Most students are eligible for an SCC ORCA pass. However, some students who have the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee waived are not eligible to receive an SCC bus pass. If unsure, check your tuition/fees receipt for the Sustainable Commuter Option Fee.

5. What if I stop taking classes at SCC before the quarter is over?
If you cease to be a student at SCC, you must return your ORCA pass to the cashiering office, and the pass will be disabled. You will receive a refund of the amount that you paid for the card according to the college’s standard refund schedule (the same percentages and days that are used for tuition and fees).

6. Can I still purchase a regional pass (Puget pass) loaded on my ORCA card and get reimbursed?

No. This program replaces the reimbursement process that has been in effect the last two years. However, if you were enrolled for summer quarter 2011, you can still get reimbursed for a September bus pass under the same terms as before with the Claim of Bus Pass Subsidy form (available by registration).

For questions, please contact SBA President Kanpong Thaweesuk at

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One Response to “Winter Quarter ORCA Passes for sale on campus”

  1. 1 Monica

    “These cards are valid for a 100% fare on local transit providers.”

    Just checking on the details here:
    Are the cards valid for use on peak bus hours and more than one zone without the student having to pay out of pocket for this higher fare? Is there a cap on the fare amount? Does all local transit providers mean Everett, Sound, Community, Pierce, and Metro?

    Why do students have to buy Orca cards every quarter? Why are the cards not reloaded every quarter instead? Seems like a waste of plastic that ends up in our landfills and an added expense to the student.

    Thank you.

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